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Month April 2020

Writing Dynamic XPath’s

We can write dynamic XPath using any of the following technique: starts-with() contains() text() following following-sibling child Index AND Operator OR Operator Let us now understand these techniques in details with the help of below DOM structure: 1. Locating using… Continue Reading →

How to write CSS Selectors ?

CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets. It controls how elements are displayed on a web page. There are various ways to write CSS selectors but before we start writing, let us first understand a few symbols that CSS uses to… Continue Reading →

8 Ways to locate a WebElement

In this post, we will learn all the ways to locate an element on a web page. We can locate an element on a webpage in 8 different ways, which are: id name linkText partialLinkText className tagName cssSelector xpath The… Continue Reading →

How I became a Software Tester!

I am Kunal Ashar and I am a Software Tester, by choice! Currently, I’m working as a Senior QA Engineer at Works Applications with close to 7 years of experience in the field of Software Testing. But becoming a Software… Continue Reading →

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