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All the random thoughts, ideas, and research done by Kunal to understand the field of software testing are pinned under the Blog Category.

Scope After Graduation in Computer Science or Information Technology

I was asked to present on a topic in a college and the main focus was on the students who are about to graduate in Computer Science or Information Technology. I was not sure on what should I present as… Continue Reading →

My First Testing Conference Experience – Tribal Qonf

How I came to know about this Conference? On a lazy Sunday afternoon, I was half asleep, scrolling through my phone with one eye open. I saw a notification from The Test Tribe Community. It was an announcement of the… Continue Reading →

How I became a Software Tester!

I am Kunal Ashar and I am a Software Tester, by choice! Currently, I’m working as a Senior QA Engineer at Works Applications with close to 7 years of experience in the field of Software Testing. But becoming a Software… Continue Reading →

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