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I am Kunal Ashar and I am a Software Tester, by choice!

Currently, I’m working as a Senior QA Engineer at Works Applications with close to 7 years of experience in the field of Software Testing.

But becoming a Software Tester was not part of my plan, before being a part of the software testing field, I used to work in a post-production studio for three months and after that, I was working as an intern in Cox & Kings for six months.

Since I had completed my bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, I was asked to check and report issues on Cox & Kings internal portal during the last month of my internship.

And after submitting my report, I realized that this is what I want to do for a living. So I started my research to know more about Software Testing and was trying to understand what exactly Software testing is?

After learning a bit about this field, I was sure that I want to be a part of this field. So like most of the graduates, I enrolled myself for a software testing course and completed SEED certification and ISTQB basic certification before entering into this field.

It took quite some time to get my first job offer but I was finally able to get a job in Ness Technologies, India.

I was associated with Ness for almost two and a half years but unfortunately, I stopped learning as I was too excited to implement all my learnings from certifications in this company.

I realized the importance of learning and updating skillset after I started looking for new opportunities. I was rejected from 6-7 interviews due to a lack of subject knowledge.

Then I realized that getting a job is just not enough to work in this field. If you want to stay in this field for the long term then you have to keep learning, No matter what!

After a lot of learning and upskilling, I was finally able to crack an interview in one of my dream companies, ZYCUS.

I knew this company would turn my life around but I never thought that I’ll meet an amazing mentor Mahesh Chikane and a supportive friend/mentor Amar Singh and my amazing team!

So far, whatever I have achieved in my life, be it professionally or personally, it is because of them and my life would not have been the same without their support and guidance. (P.S: It is important to have a mentor/mentors who can guide you and help you when required.)

Thank you, Mahesh and Amar, for all the guidance, support and trust you guys placed in me.

I’ll cherish my twenty-seven month tenure in Zycus for entire life.

After Zycus, I was a part of Gracenote for just four months before embarking on my journey to join a new company, Works Application (Singapore).

Now, when I look back on my journey, I feel happy and lucky that I made the right choice and took guidance from the right people.

Annonymous Quote,

Learning is a lifelong journey

I still want to work and learn more about Software Testing and I just don’t want this journey to end.