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Automation Bootcamp using Selenium and Java

Bootcamp Details  Online Event  Starting 12th Dec 2020 | Saturday | 10 Weeks  9 am to 1 pm IST | 11.30 am to 3.30 pm SGT  Organized By The Test Tribe Community  More Details

Talk on the Importance of Wrapper Layer

There are many key components that one needs to remember while designing a good automation framework. The Wrapper Layer is one of the important components that we need to consider while designing our framework. The wrapper layer is responsible for… Continue Reading →

Talk on Components of Good Automation Framework

A framework is a set of guidelines or rules that we set to create and design automated checks but before we being, let us ask ourselves if we are considering all the aspects of the framework while designing it, and… Continue Reading →

Workshop on Effective Locator Strategy

When it comes to UI automation (web/mobile), it does not matter if we design a good framework and implement best practices, we still won’t be able to get most out of it if we are not using the correct locator… Continue Reading →

My First Testing Conference Experience – Tribal Qonf

How I came to know about this Conference? On a lazy Sunday afternoon, I was half asleep, scrolling through my phone with one eye open. I saw a notification from The Test Tribe Community. It was an announcement of the… Continue Reading →

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