When it comes to UI automation (web/mobile), it does not matter if we design a good framework and implement best practices, we still won’t be able to get most out of it if we are not using the correct locator strategy. The key to any successful UI automation framework depends on the implementation and usage of locators. It is important for us to understand that each element is unique and we can’t apply the same strategy to all the elements.

In this workshop, we’ll understand different types of locators and how we can select the best locator depending on the element attributes and scenario at hand. Locator strategy will keep varying based on the scenario and we’ll uncover a bit more about this in this workshop.


Workshop Details

 Online Event

 23rd Aug 2020 | Sunday

 4 pm to 8 pm IST | 6.30 pm to 10.30 pm SGT

 Organized By The Test Tribe Community

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